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We are The Ghisalal Kashiprasad Group. We have an annual turnover of 250 crores, with units all over India. Our committed team has established a stronghold over the last four decades due to our emphasis on marrying technology with tradition. It has helped us work with a human touch while evolving with the latest machinery, giving us the advantage of growing our business exponentially. As part of a massive team of textile manufacturers, we carry forth a legacy that is interwoven among different places but united with a strong culture of tradition and technical knowledge. As a group, we take special care of our manpower and labour force by providing them with free accommodation quarters, across all our weaving units. Thus leading to 24x7 workforce availability which helps in increasing production and quality. We also organise special labour programs to keep them motivated and educated about the latest trends.

The Ghisalal Kashiprasad Group

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