Deploying world class machinery and ensuring the production of the most superior quality products has given us the edge we have over our competitors. The fine process of weaving and the detailed attention we pay to it has allowed us to supply fabrics with the finest quality. From old-is-gold power looms to the latest air jet looms, we ensure that all our production is in-house so that we have complete control over the products we manufacture. Our weaving facility ensures that we manufacture fabrics of upto 360 cms or 143” in width.


The process of sizing involves applying textile waxes and sizing agents to the yarn in order to circumvent the yarn from breaking during weaving. This is a pre- treatment done to the yarn to ensure that the weaving process becomes simpler and the threads do not stick to each other. This is an intricate procedure and therefore, with the use of our top of the class machinery, we ensure that the entire process becomes effortless. We house fully automatic sizing machine.


The process of consigning yarn from different bundles to a section beam is called warping. In order to ensure that the beam is of good quality, the warper speed needs to be maintained, there should be no loose ends or wild yarn, etc. We deploy our high grade machinery and skilled manpower to ensure that this process is hassle free. As this is as intricate process we have the best in class fully automatic machines from sahas engineering corporation yielding hassle free top of the line quality results.


Our looms come in an assortment of sizes and have been propped over the last few decades. The looms clutch the threads under pressure and enable the interweaving of the strands to create the fabrics. We are proud of the variety of weaving machines available with us which help to cater the diverse requirements of our customers. We house Shuttle change looms from Premier Company, Auto shuttle looms from sungali Japan and rapier looms from alidhra weavetech. To distinguish ourselves from the competitors, we have installed wafflers on all power looms to get better quality fabrics. Various other add- ons have also been used to improve the quality of the product.


Certain fabrics require twisting in yarn for the desired feel and fall of the fabric. Twisting means significantly improving certain yarn properties and fulfilling textile requirements that cannot be fulfilled by the single yarns. When two or more single yarns are twisted together they are designated as doubled yarn, folded yarn or plied yarn and the machines intended for the purpose are called doublers, ply- twisters or two-for-one (TFO) twisters. Our T.F.O machine comes from one of the best manufacturers Alidhra Weavetech. T.F.O machine helps us to obtain long length of knot free yarns which facilitates better performance in the subsequent processes and also helps us to higher the productivity. This machine gives us an edge over our competitors and stand ahead of the race.