Top of the line products that we deliver to our customers has ensured that we remain strong players in the textile industry. Over the years we have given major emphasis on innovation of our existing plant & machinery in order to improve the quality of our products. Reviewing quality is a fundamental and non-negotiable part of the way we do business. Our rigorous quality checks from the time of procurement of yarn up to the final output, i.e. the fabric, allows us to constantly provide consistent and distinguished products to our customers. We run continuous inline checking and take regular feedback from our customers. At K.P. Textiles, every step of our manufacturing process ends with quality check. With such stringent measures in place, it is ensured that only superior quality products leave our unit and reach our customers.

Quality Assessment

As careful as we are with our quality checks during the manufacturing process, we also like to go over it again before initiating deliveries. To facilitate this, we have housed experienced manpower who can gauge the quality of the final products with the use of our top notch machinery. Once we know that the final yield is up to the mark, the products are then made ready for dispatch. The skilled man-force with the latest technology in machinery enable us to deliver the best to our customers.


We run inline testing at all stages and have the necessary equipment and personnel to ensure only world-class fabrics are produced. We have a state of the art mending and clipping facility besides our loom shed and experienced checkers for initial inspection. We’ve implemented a 4-point checking scheme, i.e. 4 points are given to each mistake. After the complete taga is checked, the total points are tallied. From this system, we also check if the same loom is having repeated similar issues which helps us to troubleshoot from the base. Following this, a report is submitted before the packing process begins. Only if the report satisfies our criteria, we despatch the fabrics. We also run a fabric grading step so that we can differentiate the best from the rest and customers receive the exact quality they pay for.